5 Best CPM Ads Network with Minimum Payout

5 Best CPM Ads Network with Minimum Payout

CPM cost per impression is one of the most popular way to increase your revenue from the Website/Blog.

There are several Ads network which are giving high revenue. Google Adsense is giant in this Ads Network industry. Every big ads network have several requirements like Pageview, Traffic and Keywords and in that all Minimum payouts. New or low traffic blogger yet hard to wait for $100 or $50. Personally i would refers 10$ minimum payout for new and low earning website blogger.

Let’s see which are 5 Best CPM Ads Network With Minimum Payouts. No need to worry or wait to reach the threshold payout to get first earning from your blog.

popcash-ad network

  1. PopCash

PopCash is a very popular CPM advertising network which is popularly known as popunder advertising program. With PopCash you can maximize your revenue and start earning money with your blog in less than 10 minutes. When you apply for PopCash, the system approves your blog in less than 10 minutes

Minimum payout through PopCash is $10 only and more or less you can withdraw any time. PopCash allow adult contents website also. Click here to join PopCash

Payments Proof :-  We are yet not joined this network but many other blogger joined it and earn a lot.

2. Ad4Game

If you have Gaming related website then it will best for you. AD4Gmae is the internet’s Game ad Network that provides a variety of ad formats to monetize your website traffic. It is best for any game network

Minimum Payout is $1 only through Paypal which you can get anytime. If you join the affiliate network of Ad4Game then you can earn money of every games download or apps download through your website Click here to join Ad4Game


3. Chitika

chitika is one most popular ad network growing. Chitika is also largest advertising network after adsense with more than 300,000 publishers. You can use chitika with Adsense without violating any rules. It gives high CPC rate.

Minimum Payout is $10 through PayPal. You will receive this amount anytime if you make request. To join the Chitika click here

4. BidVertiser

BidVertiser is best Ads Network with high CPM rates. Bidvertiser approve the website easily and also offer referrals program which is quite good from any other products of BidVertiser. It have many type of display ads banner which you can put on your website and get paid with BidVertiser

Minimum Payout is $10 through PayPal. You will receive this amount anytime if you make request. To join the BidVertiser click here

5. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is one of the popular ads Network where buyer and seller can communicate with each other through buySellAds. Only Problem with the BuySellAds network is that they required minimum visitors. getting approved by the BuySellAds is very long process. 

Minimum Payout is $25 through PayPal. You will receive this amount anytime if you make request. BuySellAds is one of most important popular ads network. To join BuySellads Network click here


Here is Top five Best ads Network which will help you to get the high revenue from your blog or website. All the ads network listed here are best in the industry with the minimum payout as $10. For new blogger these ads network will surely help them to get high earning from their website. This will also motivate the newbie to write more niche blog .

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prem ranjan


  1. we are in the same condition right now.. we have applied for infolinks and can you pls say how much time it will take for verification..
    and another one popcash takes 24 hrs to update revenue.
    but i have a doubt that popcash whether takes 72 hrs to give revenue update for weekends as bidvertiser do?

    • Infolink normally take 2-3 business day to approve don’t worry surely you will get the approval.
      NO popcash hourly update the revenue and payment cashout take 2-3 business days for me.
      thanks for asking question

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