Top 5 Best Google AdSense Alternative For 2017

No doubt about the Google AdSense in the way of earning money. But being publisher we can not only be on the depended on Google AdSense itself only. May be some day you will get email saying, “Sorry! Your Google AdSense is banned or temporarily disabled.” Or an even bigger issue, your AdSense is still not approved? Disappointed?.

No need to worry if your AdSense accounts gets banned or AdSense account is still not approved. No need to be disappointed. There are a lot of Google AdSense Alternatives. Have you ever tried one? I’m here to help you with some high paying alternatives for Google AdSense. Mean while you can read  Top 10 Best Adult Advertising Network For 2017.

NoteWith AdSense you can use one AdSense Alternative  to increase the revenue.

Here we will list the Top 5 Best Google AdSense Alternative in 2017.

Based on several other publisher recommendation and high paying values we can to list these top 5 AdSense Alternative which you can use in 2017.

#1. Media.net

Media.net is one of  best AdSense alternative which is created by Yahoo! network with partner with Bing. It provides contextual ads which means that it hosts advertisements based on the context of the page. By revenue, Media.net runs the #2 largest contextual ads program globally and work as the trusted advisor to top management across various large publishers.

Some notable features of Media.Net advertising network are

  • Contextual advertisements
  • Large ad options
  • Mobile Docked ads (Mobile ads)
  • Dedicated customer service representative
  • Ads comply with SSL certificate
  • You’re permitted to place Media.net ads in sticky or fixed sidebar zones

If you really wants ads network like AdSense then You can join Media.net, it will never let you down. lit of blogger earned from media.net.

You can apply for Media.Net publisher Account from -> http://www.media.net/en/invite

#2. Infolinks

Infolinks is another best and secure second position in Top 5 Best Google AdSense Alternative. It is one of most Reputed and best In-text Ad network for Bloggers. Main points we like about the Infolinks is easily website approval process.

Infolinks is a CPC and CPM based advertising network and offers in-text, in-frame, in-tag and in-fold ad types. Publishers have the full control on what types of ads can be displayed on the website.

To know more about Infolinks you can visit Infolinks.com Review |Alternate of Google Adsense | Updated 2016

Some notable features of Infolinks advertising network are

  • Apart from wired transfer Infolinks support PayPal
  • Payout is only $50
  • Easy to get approval of website.
  • Performs well if on fold ads
  • Trusted by many

The point which I don’t like is payments process, it takes 45 days to proceed the last payments.

To Join this network you can visit With the Infolinks.com Click Here

#3. Chitika

Chitika is recommended by many blogger, this ads network always be in top list of AdSense alternative. Chitika is a CPC product-oriented program. Chitika allows you freedom to edit the text colors of ads banner like AdSense. You can use it along with Adsense and there are no problems at all. Chitika pays via Paypal ($10 USD minimum, which is good for starters) or via check ($50 minimum).

Chitika is also largest advertising network after adsense with more than 300,000 publishers. You can use chitika with Adsense without violating any rules. It gives high CPC rate. I have never used this network.

Some notable features of Chitika advertising network are

  • Minimum Payout $10
  • Easy to get approval of website
  • Its is one of most recommended network
  • It offers 3 types of ads – Search Targeted Ads, Local Ads, and Mobile Ads. It’s PPC rates aren’t as good as AdSense.


To join the Chitika click here

#4. Popcash

PopCash is a very popular CPM advertising network which is popularly known as popunder advertising program. With PopCash you can maximize your revenue and start earning money with your blog in less than 10 minutes. When you apply for PopCash, the system approves your blog in less than 10 minutes

Minimum payout through PopCash is $10 only and more or less you can withdraw any time. PopCash allow adult contents website also. Click here to join PopCash

Some notable features of PopCash advertising network are

  • Minimum Payout $10
  • Easy to get approval of website
  • Its is one of most recommended network
  • It Offer PopUps and PopUnder Ads.

You can read www.popcash.net Review – Ads network with payments proof

Click here to join PopCash

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#5. AdsOptimal

Last but not least in the list of Top 5 Best Google AdSense Alternative is AdsOptimal.  AdsOptimal Best Adsense alternative emerged in 2016. US based premium mobile ad network AdsOptimal started in 2012. AdsOptimal offer innovative ad unit, designed and optimized for mobile sites and also for Desktop.

It mainly optimize all mobile website irrespective of theme designs. AdsOptimal partner with Adsense associate Doubleclick, Criteo and many others bringing you the best ad network and top dollars. The revenue models of this mobile ad network are CPC, CPM and CPA. Commission is purely based on Impressions basis and clicks.

Here is some interesting facts and points on this ads network.

  • Easy to get a Publisher account, Usually every publisher who signed up will be accepted in 1-2 days.
  • Do not need to have a website or blog that high traffic. If you are a newbie in blogger or your website is very new then it is perfect for you.
  • Adsoptimal ads are available for both Mobile and Desktop user
  • You can earn $5-$10 easily. You can request a payment every time you reach $50.Methods of regular payments using
  • If your Google adsense gets blocked then this is best choice in 2016.
  • They have large ways to monetize the contents.
  • Referral program
  • This ad network always pay its publishers on time.

Smart Bottom gives top dollars for your sites. We recommend you to enable it. (The Smart Bottom option is under Page-Level Ads)

Read the review – AdsOptimal Review: Best Adsense Alternative 2016 Join it Or not

To join this network  Click here – AdsOptimal

Note- You can also give your best Google AdSense alternative. if any issue with the contents or suggestion lets us know through Email Id or Contact us column or Through Comment

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