How To Configure Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress Complete Guide Setup

Want to earn money from Facebook with the Free Traffic on you website? I knew your answer will be yes, if you want to drive the free traffic and want to earn money from Facebook then here is good chance to do it.
Facebook inc have recently made changes and now come with the Facebook instant articles. Facebook instant articles are now opened for all the publisher of all size to earn the money and also to put their article on the Facebook.

Let’s start with What are Instant Articles?

With the fb Instant Articles, Facebook come with solution of slow loading of articles. An Instant Article is a HTML 5 document optimized for fast mobile performance, rich storytelling capabilities, branded design and customized the visual display. Once you have enabled Facebook instant articles on your website or blog, then whenever or whoever your articles is shared on Facebook, users surfing on the mobile app only should be able to see instant article icon below the articles. This means this article is an instant article & it would open within seconds.


Josh Roberts, Product Manager at Facebook explained more about the format in a post on the Facebook blog:

Facebook’s goal is to connect people to the stories, posts, videos or photos that matter most to them. Opening up Instant Articles will allow any publisher to tell great stories, that load quickly, to people all over the world. With Instant Articles, they can do this while retaining control over the experience, their ads and their data.

The platform has been in testing with selected partners since May 2015, and the data so far feels encouraging:

  • Instant Articles received 20% more clicks than mobile web articles from the News Feed
  • Once someone clicks on an Instant Article, they’re 70% less likely to abandon the article before reading
  • They are shared 30% more than mobile web articles on average

Well now guess that you realized what is fb install apps and how it will benefits to one each and every Publishers.

How To Configure Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress?

How to Setup Facebook Instant Articles on WordPress platform?

I would like to inform you that kindly follow the Steps mention below and it will elaborated steps given below. It will take maximum 15-20 mins to do the complete setup within same days. here are the steps
Step 1. Login to your Facebook account. and open Instant articles signup page & click on Signup
Step 2: Choose your Facebook Page
Step 3: Claim your URL
Step 4: Create articles
Step 5: Customize styling
Step 6: Submit for review
This much only you have to do. Now see each and every steps more deeply.

Step 1. Login to your Facebook account. and open Instant articles signup page & click on Signup

So starts with the Instant articles setup so we need to login to Facebook account and then open the Instant articles signup page & click on Signup. Then this will move to next Step 2.


Step 2: Choose your Facebook Page

After signing up to the Instant articles signup page, Next setup is to select the Facebook page on which you want to integrate the Instant articles Tool.

  • Select the page & click on Enable Instant articles. This would enable Instant articles for your Page & now we need to configure Instant articles.
  • After enabling Instant articles for a page, you can always access the configuration page by going to page settings > Instant article

Step 3: Claim your URL

Once you select the Facebook page then the next step is to claim your URL. To claim your URL means you need the blog or website address in the Instant articles page to use the service.Claim-URl-Instant-Article

To claim your URL you need to add a meta tag to your HTML’s <head> tag and then add the URL to your settings. All the information you need to do this can be found in the Instant Articles Settings:

Step 4: Create articles

After claiming for the URL user must need to have the submit some articles. Facebook have given two option to integrate the post with the Instant Articles.

  1. RSS Feed
  2. API

RSS Feed : For integrating with RSS feed, It can easily be done through official WordPress plugin for Facebook Instant articles. RSS Feed & Official Facebook Instant articles plugin:

Facebook Inc has partnered with few publishing and analytics platforms to make it convenient and easy for bloggers to create and post Instant Articles. Just Install Official Facebook instant article WordPress plugin and with this plugin a new feed has been generated & you can check it by adding /feed
to your domain name. So, in my case it was:


Go back to your Facebook page instant Articles setting & add this RSS feed into the ‘Production RSS feed’ area (Refer to below screenshot)

Click save and Adding of RSS is done now last points.

Then after that you need to Configuring the FB instant article WordPress plugin.

Read Here How To Configuring the FB instant article WordPress plugin.

After Configuring the FB instant article WordPress plugin, lets move to next Step

Step 5: Customize styling

Facebook Instant Articles gives editors and designers a built-in suite of interactive capabilities that are as easy to use as they are transformative for the mobile storytelling experience. You can change entire theme and may be you can design anything how you want to be look like. For temp Just add the website logo (Mandatory) that should be in the size of 690*132 Px.


NO Logo no issue simply open the paint and make the 690*132 Px. and design any simple logo or use your blog address or name as logo.

Once you have uploaded the logo, click on save & done.

Step 6: Submit for review

After the logo design now turn come to Submit for review.

Now, this is where it gets tricky, as you need to submit 10 posts for review. Hereis what you can do:


  • Go back to your WordPress dashboard
  • Open 10 already published blog posts in edit mode.
  • Save all of them & this will send those article to your Facebook instant articles RSS feed.

After this you are able to do this then go for submit your articles for review.

Submission approved & enable auto-publishing from RSS feed:


It will normally takes 3-4 days to get approval, my articles get approved within 24 hrs with no errors.

One important thing, you should enable the auto publishing from RSS feed.

Just to let you know, it takes about 5 minutes for your audience network application to get approved. I will do a detailed article on this in the coming days.

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