How To Configuring Facebook Instant Article WordPress Plugin

Facebook Instant Articles has opened up for publishers now —of any size, anywhere in the world. This post guides you through how to connect your WordPress blog and Facebook Instant Articles Easily.

Well we have seen the How To Configure Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress Complete Guide Setup. Now we are configuring the Facebook Instant Article WordPress Plugin with the Facebook Instant Article apps. Facebook made plugin to publish the post on the facebook for the wordpress with the  teamed up with Automattic, parent company of WordPress, to build a free plugin for Instant Articles.

This plugin enables anyone with a WordPress blog to seamlessly share their content as Facebook Instant Articles.

Let’s see How To Configuring Facebook Instant Article WordPress Plugin

To configures the Instant Article WordPress plugin we need to do some simple steps. Follow the steps and it will take just another 5 minutes to configures.

Step 1: Create the Facebook APP.

  • To use this plugin you need to enter Facebook App ID and App Secret so let’s  a facebook app.
  • Go to this page & click on add a new appAdd-new-Facebook-app


  • On the pop-up select website as the option.Creating-Facebook-AppCreate-new-app-ID



Click on Create App ID & on the next page, enter your website URL without HTTP://Website-


Click on Next & then click on Skip quick start guide. On the next page, you would see your App ID & App secret.App-ID-Secret


  • Also, you need to make your new app live. Click on App review > Change the toggle to yes & this would make your app live.Make-Facebook-App-Live

Step 2 Install Facebook instant article WordPress plugin

Download the Facebook instant Articles wordpress plugin from the wordpress only.


  • That’s it Your app is ready now move to the Facebook instant article WordPress plugin settings & Copy the App ID & App secret to WordPress pluginFacebook-Instant-article-WordPress-plugin-settings


  • Click on Next & you will see the option to Login with Facebook. Click on it & validate your login & select your Facebook page from the drop-down.Select-Facebok-page-for-Instant-Articles

That’s only in two steps finish

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