How To Create A Facebook Store For Free To Sell On Facebook

How To Set Up a Facebook Store To Sell On Facebook

Well Who don’t want to earn money online, Facebook giving you a chance to earn money on facebook through selling goods online for free. Then question comes as why facebook or Why would you ever want to set up a Facebook Store to sell on Facebook? Well, Facebook has over 1.65 billion active users every single month.

That’s 1,650,000,000 active users and potential customers!

You can guess how much it is, To be frank not everyone will be your customer but guess if micro of micro fraction become your customer then can you guess how much it is and it will pretty cool.

Guess if you get 100,00 active facebook customer that will impact your business and it will give a new shape to your business. Then what are you looking for and still if you won’t have your own online store, the probably get one started to grow your online business.

If you don’t how to build your ecommerce store here we will help you to build first free facebook store online in very less time

1) How to Build an Online Store

2) Why you need an ecommerce website to sell online

3) Online Store Builder Comparison Chart

4) Free, professional ecommerce templates for your storefront design

If you have your online store then you can expand your business by setting up on facebook store to sell stuff on facebook

What is a Facebook Store?

A Facebook Store is a showcase of a retailer’s products within a custom app in a Facebook Page Tab. Facebook Page is a dedicated page that you can set up for your business.  They are an easy way for fans to browse, share and purchase your products without having to leave Facebook. It allows retailers to promote to an enormous audience without having to pay heavy expenses. To have facebook store you need few do few steps to do it.how-to-set-up-a-facebook-store

Start with the setup of Facebook Fan Page. as if you make the Fan page easily then almost your Online Facebook store gets open. In facebook Page one of the tabs offer you for the Shop.

When people visit your page actually they are visiting your shop, If they like the product they can order it from there.

Along with this when people will visit your page and found goods deal then might your facebook audience gets increased. This will help you to increase the overall all your business audience.

Engaging your Facebook community is an excellent way to grow your business, since Facebook makes it super easy for you to target users with specific interests, and it also makes sharing (viral marketing) of your content much easier than anywhere else. Lets Start then…

How to Set Up a Facebook Store

There’s just a few quick steps (easy and 100% Free):

1. Go to Facebook Page Create Center if you don’t have have page

2. If you have already Page then just Open it > Click on Create My Store

3. Choose your store type > Enter your store name and email and other details upload pictures and details


That’s it. Your Facebook Store is ready!

Facebook take almost 48 working hrs to approve the listing of the page. They have few guidelines you can checkout it on facebook.

Well  shop is ready now but how you will integrate the payments process, website and shipping product listing and this is the issue i faced when i tried. Well now it all can do you with very easy ways and in very effective ways by taking the help of any ecommerce website builder or through the shopify

Set Up Your Facebook Store with Shopify

Shopify is one of the leading in the market of website creation for the e commerce. Some of the features is

  • 275,000+ active online stores built (processed over $17 billion in sales)
  • Professional and polished design themes to make your store look great
  • Hundreds of Apps to expand the functionality of your online store. You can add them as your business grows and require more features.
  • 24/7 any time support


To create with the shopify you need to just single signup and instal the shopify apps on your webiste rest shopify will do everything for you.

Here are also some really cool features that Shopify allow you to control over your Facebook store:

  • Visual Organization – You can Easily add banners & change the number of columns of products through this.
  • Choose which products you want to sell on Facebook, and automatically import them from your Shopify store to your Facebook store. This is best features given
  • Liking Gate – set up you Facebook store so that your visitors has to “Like” your Facebook Page before they can see your products (this is optional)

Join Today shopify to create the online e commerce website.

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