How To Find Highest Paying Keywords For Your Niche Blog

How To Find Highest Paying Keywords For Your Niche Blog

Earning of Blog mainly depends upon the CPC and PPC ads Network and we all know Google adsense is best ads network. To earn more from the google adsense network we need to work on the Highest Paying keywords. Read more about the 5 Best CPM Ads Network with Minimum Payout

For beginners it’s really tough to find the Highest Paying keywords for their Niche website. well its not so much tough Google itself gives us a simple and free tool to find the highest paying Keywords.”Google keyword tool

Google keyword tool is a free product for adsense users. Google keyword tool is not designed for publishers like us, it’s designed for advertisers who are looking to advertise through Google adwords. But, as publishers and bloggers we can utilize this product to find the high paying keyword for adsense.

Ok, lets go with an example.

If you are planning to write a post about “Insurance”, go to Google keyword tools and enter the keyword phrase.

Google keyword tools will looks like this where you have an option to choose according to the web site and Targeting location so lets checkout how to find the keywords post on Insurance

Keyword Planner – Google AdWords1

Enter the word Insurance and leave the Country as per your choice here I have left as United States.

Keyword Planner – Google AdWords2

You can see as Insurance keywords as Ad Group Ideas and Keywords Ideas. on both option you can take it .

If you click on the Keywords Ideas then you will see the Keywords Ideas with Search Volume and Competitions and Highest bids or suggested bids.

Keyword Planner – Google AdWords1

You Can checkout the highest paying keywords and also how much you are going to get.

Suggested Bid

Suggested bid will give you the amount how much you will get if anyone click on your ad which is related with the Insurance keywords. and i like to inform you that this is not develop for you this is for the advertiser . so we can take the reference with this only 


Again this is not for us, this means the competition between advertisers, there are more advertisers bidding and advertising on this keyword.

If you want to find the competition for specific keyword as a blogger, then just simply type this keyword in Google and see the number of search results found.

The arrow mark I showed next to Competition column will give more ideas on this keyword about trend and history from Google Insights. It’s another handy tool for bloggers to find out the good keyword and niche for a blog or post.

Feel free to drop your comments and suggestion about these steps.

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