What is the Hello Dolly WordPress Plugin Should You Delete it or Not

Whenever any wordpress you install, two plugins automatic gets download, one is Hello Dolly and another is Akismet Plugins. These two plugins are pre-install and in the wordpress. Well Akismet is for the security purpose but what Hello Dolly do!!!. What is the Hello Dolly WordPress Plugin Should You Delete it or Not

What is the Hello Dolly WordPress Plugin?

Well Hello Dolly is a simple WordPress plugin that comes pre-installed in WordPress. If you activate the plugin, it will display a line from the lyrics of Hello Dolly song which is most famously performed by Louis Armstrong in your admin page only.


If you go for description of this plugin, it is extremely vague and doesn’t explain the usefulness of this plugin.

This is not just a plugin, it symbolizes the hope and enthusiasm of an entire generation summed up in two words sung most famously by Louis Armstrong.

Wiki Hello Dolly WordPress Plugin

Hello Dolly is simple small plugin with almost no use, it was developed by Matthew CharlesMattMullenweg one of the co-founder of wordpress. He developed many popular plugin along with this simple plugin. This is simplest plugin and some says it is the first plugin developed by Matt Mullenweg.

Well it is clear that this is not the first plugin neither on wordpress nor developed by Matt mullenweg. Here is the list of Mullenweg plugins

This is the reason Hello Dolly is pre-install plugins in every wordpress.

For long time this plugin is not updated but in last 1 yrs it receives many update.

 Should You Delete it or Not

As i think it useless plugin and you must delete it but it also very small plugins so it will not consume so much space on the  disk. It complete on you, There’s no use of this plugin it’s quite clear so you can del it.

Well hope this post help you to get about the wordpress plugins Hello dolly and you can see the use of this plugins. Thanks you!!!

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