How To Activate Now On Tap features on smartphones 2016

How To Activate Now On Tap features on smartphones

How To Activate Now On Tap features on smartphones:Google.com came with its new version of Android OS i.e. Android 6.0 or Android M (aka Marshmallow). With it’s launching google once again grab the techie eyes on the interactive features. This time Google changes the google Now features to “Now On Tap”.
Before proceeding further let me remind everyone that Marshmallow 6.0 currently available only with the google phone you can get it with Nexus 6P, Android one only and very soon it will launch it with Samsung, LG and Motorola. Android 6.0 Have lot of new features and in that “Now On Tap features are available”

How does Now on Tap work?

Now on Tap is integrated into Android 6.0 Marshmallow. To use Now on Tap, you simply have to long press on the home button and a frame appears around whatever page you’re looking at.
The results then simply pop-up at the bottom, suggesting contextual results based on what is on that page.
For example: Lets your Friend say While chatting with you to watch movie this weekends and he/She given some place name. With the Now On Tap you can search over their only without moving out anywhere.

How To Activate Now On Tap

How to Activate Now on Tap after installation of Android M

Step 1: Press and hold Home button of your smartphone running stock Android M

Step 2: Click Turn On, after the Help menu based on Google Now on Tap appears

Step 3: After turning on Google Now on Tap, in Step 2, the functionality can be checked out by pressing and holding the Home button at any point in time

Step 4: Verify working of the feature; Android M will tweak Google Now to support the “On Tap” input, which would let users access more information by simply holding the virtual home key. Google Now collates data and provides multiple references to the content queried by the user


How to disable Google Now on Tap on stock-Android M devices

To disable the feature, you can navigate to menu, then Settings and Voice. After this, select Turn-off to deactivate Google Now on Tap.

Google Now On Tap Support Third Party Apps?

Yes, Now On Tap is no more application for the smartphones. Now On Tap become Smartphone integrated System, Which works collectively with every other third party application. So You no need to worry about this.
Not only this Now On Tap features not only collect the result from google but also it will give result from your apps.
Google says that developers don’t have to do anything to have their apps included, so if you have a particular app, it should hopefully appear ready for you to tap and get the results you want


What about privacy on Now On Tap?

Google very boldly answer this query. Now On Tap will never save your search history as soon as you use it will discarded all your now on tap history. SO almost you need to worry about the Privacy with Now On Tap features.And Google is working on a method for marking sensitive information (such as bank account details) so that it can’t be used with Now On Tap.

With this Features Android M completely changed the market and make it more worse for the competitor OS. If you want to use this features just grab any Smartphone integrated with Marshmallow.

All this in the How to Activate Now on Tap, For Any query please Comment below and let me know about your query

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