How To Build Niche Website (Tutorial)

Internet is always best income source for me. It if full of opportunity to earn money for any blogger. Niche site is good way to earn money from online. Way to make the Niche site is to choose one topic that you are passionate about, build a plethora of quality content, attract targeted visitors and then monetize the traffic with affiliate programs, AdSense, selling your own products, services, etc. Sound simple right, yes it is really simple to make the Niche Website. Lets us see how to setup the Niche website 

Setting Up The Site

Setting up the Niche site is same as you usually do to make a website or Blog. FIRST choose the Domain (Main and Important Task for niche website). Domain which you are going to be choose must be resemble to the keywords which you are going to make the niche website.

After selecting the Keywords domain choose any theme and host and get ready to launch you best quality Niche Website. I will recommend you to choose the Hostgator or BlueHost. Plugin play important role so i used these plugin. 

Here is a list of the plugins I used:

  • WordPress SEO
  • Digg Digg
  • Easy WP SEO
  • Related Posts via Categories
  • TablePress
  • Visual Website Optimizer (Optional): I’ve installed it recently to split testing on improving click through rate.


Conducting Keyword Research And Targeting

Once you completed with the Domain and setup your second target is to Keywords Research. Its is an Important task because search engines like keywords. How do search engines work? Web surfers type in keywords and phrases, and Google goes out to scour the world and provide you with links that contain those words and phrases, ranked in order of most relevant to least. Keyword is the big game for search engine and they help to give the result easily and more fast. To Choose the Best keywords use the Google Keyword Tool

Creating quality content

Content is always the major things for any website to get ranked in the search engine. If you site traffic depends on the google the quality Contents is mandatory. This part you will love as you are going to make niche site on your interest topic so, it will not very tough for you to write the Quality Content.  

Submitting Your Sitemap To Search Engines

Now we are assuming that you have completed with every steps to make the website and you are almost launched the completed site. Now what should do to get indexed in Google?

Although search engines will eventually pick up a highly optimized website, why not expedite the process if you can? Building and submitting a sitemap takes five seconds. Always use Google XML sitemaps and submit over the Google console. Googlebot will crawl your website and index it over search it

Monetize Your Website

Now Monetize Your Niche Site to earn money. you execute the steps above over the course of a couple months, your website should be ripe at the point where it is ready to be monetized. It is just a matter of time before traffic starts picking up, so take the time now to implement monetization methods that you are comfortable with. You can always tweak and experiment over time so do not be afraid to try a combination of various methods.

Personally, a killer combination that has worked very well for me on all my niche websites is the following: contextual ads, private placement ads, sales of my own digital products, affiliate marketing, donations. Yes, I do get trickles coming in from kind souls who enjoy the material on my websites.

Monetization is a heavy topic and one that I will discuss in an entirely separate series of discussions.

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