How To Earn Money With Video Sharing Website Without Investment

Everyone aware about the Youtube, Dailymotion, and other video website. We always used too see the latest video, Top trending video and etc. If you want to earn money online or want to make some extra money without giving much time over this than Video Sharing website is best for everyone. More or less you don’t need any investment.

 How To Earn Money With Video Sharing Website Without Investment

What you need to Earn Money With Video Sharing Website Without Investment.

  • Camera, Video Camera recorder, Or Mobile Camera having good camera quality 
  • Video Editor software (Search on Google Free Video Editor Software )
  • PayPal Account To receive money

Done You need only these things.

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Make Video

To earn money online with video sharing website you need to make video. well, it’s not a rocket science like anything. Simple just make a video. Thinking which and what video. Yes You Are Right! Select the Recent Topic to make the video. (To know recent Topic open news website and get some information ).

How To Make Video On Recent Topic (Some Ideas)

  • Express your views on that Recent Topic. Good or Bads Does matter
  • Feedback 
  • Reviews and Journey Trips Video
  • Collect some Pictures of Actress and Make a video with that
  • Most Important Public Reaction on Social Issue (Popular In Every Country)


Editing Video

This is little bit boring and uninterested steps for me and I guess for everyone who doesn’t  know editing (For this part take the help of YouTube). After Making Video need some small editing so that video looks some what good.

You can find many software which helps in video editing. I recommends go for freeware software only. some of the freeware video editor software are:

  • Wax
  • VirtualDub
  • AvideMux
  • Blender
  • LightWorks

There are many but go for these software these are simple and easy to use. So editing is done now come for earning methods.


Video sharing

This is last and important steps, Now we are ready with the Video. we will upload it to earn money. To upload the video on video sharing website. we have to check with the best video sharing website which will give some high cash. Some of the best video sharing website are 

  • Youtube
  • Dailymotion
  • Vimeo
  • ZoomandGo
  • Metacafe
  • Flixya
  • Blip
  • Break

These are the Video sharing website from where you can earn. I recommend you to use only Youtube and Dailymotion. These two website will give you money easily through the PayPal account and with that you can cash in your account. If you able to earn $100 then they will pay you through the PayPal. For Youtube Google adsense account needed and they will pay you only after the address verification. (Read Here Complete Story How to setup the adsense account)

Hope this will help you to earn money without investments.

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