How to Index New Website or Blog More Quickly in Google

How to Get Google to Index Your New Website & Blog Quickly: Everyone wants that google must index all the pages of website or blog more quickly but it takes time for google to recognize the post and in this it blogger loss their Organic search clicks on the blocks. Today we will discuss How to Index New Website or Blog More Quickly in Google.

What is Googlebot, Crawling, and Indexing?

Well this is really a high tough words and for my knowledge we don’t need to know what is crawling Google bot and Indexing as our motto is that how to get high google rank fast and easy ways. In one line we will define each terms associated with this Indexing and search console.

  • Search console is Google webmaster, whose duty is to check each website and provides best google rank. and results
  • The Googlebot is simply the search bot software that Google sends out to collect information about documents on the web to add to Google’s searchable index.
  • Crawling is the process where the Googlebot goes around from website to website, finding new and updated information to report back to Google. The Googlebot finds what to crawl using links.
  • Indexing is the processing of the information gathered by the Googlebot from its crawling activities. Once documents are processed, they are added to Google’s searchable index if they are determined to be quality content. During indexing, the Googlebot processes the words on a page and where those words are located. Information such as title tags and ALT attributes are also analyzed during indexing.


See important point Googlebot Crawling each website but Index only Quality page not each and every page. Here is the things that how Googlebot identify which is Quality page and which is not. Well from here only you will get the answer of How to Index New Website or Blog More Quickly in Google.

Here is very Few points in short.

Basic thing you need is that you must have Sitemap for your website which is submitted on the Search Console.

  1. Create Sitemaps
  2. Submit it on Search Console
  3. wait for the Googlebot to index the website after crawling it.
  4. Install Google Analytics- well this is for the tracking purposes but it also helps google to search new website
  5. Another method to crawl faster and submit to index is faster is Submit the URL of website directly to Webmaster URL TOOLS. So submit your website URL to Google by signing into your Google Account and going to the Submit URL option in Webmaster Tools. their well submit to index option will come. Fetch as Google one option given by search console, use that for more faster index.
  6. Create or Update Social Profiles-   This is one of the most important as Googlebot  gives preferences for the back links. One way to get some quick links is by creating social networking profiles for your new website or adding a link to your new website to pre-existing profiles. This includes Twitter profiles, Facebook pages, Google+ profiles or pages, LinkedIn profiles or company pages, Pinterest profiles, and YouTube channels. This will comes as share you new post link on social media to get more backlink to your website
  7. Create Offsite Content – Again, to help in the link building process, get some more links to your new website by creating offsite content such as submitting guest posts to blogs in your niche, articles to quality article directories, and press releases to services that offer SEO optimization and distribution. Please note this is about quality content from quality sites – you don’t want spammy content from spammy sites because that just tells Google that your website is spammy.

How to Get Your New Blog Discovered

Another method to get high Page rank your webiste must have quality as well as quently contents. Try for different directories to submit the post this will also give you many unique visit and help in more easily discovered.

Hope this post will solve your query if you have any more query related to post give a comment we will short it.

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