Infolinks.com Review |Alternate of Google Adsense | Updated 2016

Infolinks.com Review |Alternate of Google Adsense |

Everyone want to earn more money through online and if you think your google adsense is not giving you right income as you want. Here is An alternate of Google Adsense. Infolinks.com here is the Infolink.com Review

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What is Infolinks.com?

well this is not a question for online blogger or website owner. Infolinks is advertising brand for both advertiser and  Publisher. It provide Inlinks ads , In TAg ads and InScreen Ads. 

it’s a Cost Per Click (CPC) Ad network, conventionally not occupying any space on your site as it pays when visitors hovers over the text link ad and don’t actually click on it.

Now See Infolinks vs AdSense

Well This is something like comparing River With Ocean . If you see closely then Infolink.com will give you only 10% of total income which i received from Adsense. well this doesn’t mean that you loose your hope their are many facts which prove Infolink is best in adnetwork. 

  • Apart from wired transfer Infolinks support PayPal also but Adsense Not
  • Payout is only $50 but Adsense $100
  • Easy to get approval of website.
  • Performs well if on fold ads
  • Trusted by many

Some bad Points Also 

  • eCPM gets lower and lower by time

Well now you want to see the Payments Proof Trust is best

Yes Infolinks provides the payments through several ways

Here is Payments Proof

Well This Is not mine As just I am not integrated with Infolinks.

Infolink.com Review

To Register With the Infolinks.com Click Here

VigLink is becoming alternative of Infolinks.

well those are different things

If you ask me to recommend then Yes if you are new and want to earn money with low traffic then Infolinks is best for you.

My rating for this Infolinks.com is 3.5/5


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Infolinks Payments Proof

very soon payments proof will be updated

prem ranjan

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