iPhone Smart Battery Case Review: Apple New Charging pack for iPhone 6/S

iPhone Smart Battery Case Review: Apple New Charging pack for iPhone 6/S

Apple has released a new battery case for the iPhone 6 and 6s — which features a little bulge in the back so that phone can last for longer without a charge. Initially i thought it has a Tumor. But it really surprised me.


Apple first step in the Phone case market and going to rule very soon with this battery backup option. $100 iPhone Smart Battery Case will increase the phone’s battery life to 25 hours of talk time and 18 hours of web browsing. WOW!!! Imaging the battery backup now. The battery pack holds 1,877mAh. Because it’s an Apple product, the Smart Battery Case provides extra features tied into iOS and can be charged with a Lightning cable instead of microUSB.



Initially if you see the design then you will really dont like it as it is bulge from the backside. But the case is designed to keep remark every aspects. The phone slides in, and the rubber top flops over to hug it into place. The bottom of the case juts out a little less than an inch and includes an opening for the microphone and a little acoustic chamber for the speaker. When seen from the front, it honestly looks like any other battery case.

It will give you little discomfort to keep the phone in Pocket due to increase of the phone weight and thickness. Naked iPhone have more comfortable over this. If you will check other battery enable case then this is more comfortable and usable.


Using the Case is quite simple there is no button or on off features. Just keep the phone into the case and let it to be use it. iPhone will first juice the battery case power then it will consume the iPhone battery. Even you can check the battery percentage of the iPhone Smart Battery Case over the notification panel. There is one option by swapping you can check the iPhone Smart Battery Case percentage. 

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For handy purpose it is not a good choice but it will be ultimate for the uses bases. Battery backup still haunts as it is not enough to have if, i have use the bulge phone conditions.

Should You Buy It?

Try it. You might like it. You might hate it. You can return it. When I walked into the Apple Store to pick up my Smart Battery Case, this was one of the first thing the red-shirted Apple employee said to me. He acknowledged the quirky design and admitted that he hadn’t used it yet. But if I didn’t like, he insisted, I could put it back in the box and get my money back.



So i also advise you the same just go and you site and give your review here in comment box.

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