PayPal India – Guide To Create And Verify PayPal

If you are looking to make money online then you must need a solution to receive the money in your hand. PayPal solve your problem of receiving money online. You need to have one bank account and PayPal account. PayPal allow you to receive the money from abroad or other country.To receive payment you must link your bank account and to send payments you generally need a credit card linked account. One more limitation is that Indian accounts are auto withdrawn once the payment is received. Also you cannot send payment from the existing funds in your account, you must have linked credit card.

Step To Create PayPal Account

Step 1. Open the official website of PayPal or google it “PayPal” and Click on SignUp button

Paypal step 1

Step 2. After clicking on the Sign Up.  New page will open asking Individual Account or Business Account

PayPay Step 2

Step 3. Select any one process will be same. only Business account need to submit the details. So you have selected the Individual account.  Fill all the details like Email Id and PasswordPaypal step 3

Keep continue and fill all the details. Details must be genuine as per your Pan card details.                   * If you have CC (Credit Card) then you can linkup your CC for your PayPal account for making online payments. If you don’t have Unmark it and click on Agree and Create Account.

paypal individual singup process

*Its old image new way to make account is almost same only some UI is added. Captcha verification will be also their so fill it clearly

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Step 4.  You will be asked to link yCChea debit card. You can add if you have & want to add otherwise click “I’ll link my card later”.


Step 5. Just do this process automatic it will added. Now your account is created. 

Step 6:  Now you will be asked to confirm your email account. Check your email for the activation link & activate your account. It will also ask you to confirm the Mobile if you need just confirm it else Email is enough 

PayPal Summary

Step 7: Next, it will ask to add bank details. You can add the bank account number & IFSC code. PayPal will sends 2 small deposits between Rs.1 to Rs.1.5 in your bank account. You need to check your bank account & provide the exact value to confirm the account.

Step 8:- Later on, you need to add your PAN card so that your account will be verified. Your name in bank account should be same as in your PAN card otherwise it will not work properly.

What is verified PayPal Account ?

Verified PayPal Account is that PayPal account in which Bank details is added. After getting verified paypal Account you will get auto withdraw option. It means whatever money you have in your account it will auto get transfer into the PayPal Account.

How to get verified Paypal account ?

To get verified Paypal account you need to attach two thing mainly.

  1. Purpose code
  2. Bank account details

Purpose code helps RBI to track the type of transaction that is going on, and help to get transfer the black money.

Bank account details is mandatory to receive the money into the account automatic. To confirm account PayPal will send two small amount in your bank account within 6-7 days. You need to write the number that you get from PayPal as test Amount in verification box only.

PayPal related FAQ?

Do I need online banking facility to get verified Paypal Account ?

NO basically not required. But if your are making money from online then you must have some online account so that we can check it. 
This way you can create a PayPal account in India & start sending & receiving money.

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