How to Save Phone’s Battery Life While Playing Pokémon Go on Android and iOS

Pokémon Go game become the biggest hit of this year. You too have downloaded this game and started playing it. Check How To Download, Install, and Play Pokemon Go Right Now In India or UK or anywhere. The only thing which will make you haunt is the battery life of your phone. This game constantly tracks your location via GPS. These tips will help you slow the drain, stay charged, and keep comfortable while you play.

Let’s see some tips to slow down the battery drain and stay charged, and keep comfortable while you play.

Lower Your Brightness

The first thing you can do to save the phone battery is to reduce the Brightness of the device while playing the game. If you are playing Pokémon Go then you need to keep your screen always on and if you have not lowered the brightness then the battery will last for 2-3 hrs only. So lower your Brightness as much as you can this will last the game for more time.

Enable Battery Saver Mode in Pokémon Go.

The game designer knew very well that this game will drain the battery faster. This game itself have special Battery Saver option to minimize the battery consumption. If you enable this features then it will dim your screen and slow the refresh rate while you’re walking. When this mode is enabled, all you have to do is point the top of your phone towards the ground, like you would do when holding the phone down at your side while walking or just keep it in pocket lowering down the top of the phone. You will get vibration notifications when a Pokemon pops up on screen for you to catch.

To enable Battery Saver, all you need to do is

1. Tap your Poké Ball 2. Tap Settings 3. Tap the empty circle next to Battery Saver

Meanwhile, you can also minimize the Volume of the phone and keep the phone only in Vibration, This will save the battery and whatever new Pokemon will come it will vibrate.

Turn off Augmented Reality features or AR featurespokemon-go-capturing-pokemon

This VR-Based game drains the battery continuously and you want to know what drains the battery most in playing Pokémon Go apart from Screen on? Using your camera the whole time. Pokémon Go has and the option to turn off the Camera and save the battery. If you make the camera ON, then when it’s time to capture a Pokémon your camera will open up. You’ll see your intended Pokémon in front of you in AR while your actual surroundings are just behind it. While this is awesome and leads to some fantastic photos, you’re bleeding battery in this mode, especially during a Gym battle. But if you make it off then the battery life will last for longer.

All you need to do in order to disable this feature is flip the little switch with AR next to it the next time you go to catch a Pokémon. You’ll see a new background and your battery will thank you.

Use offline maps in Pokémon Go

GPS is another factor Which will drain your battery and data pack too hence it’s recommended to use the offline maps in Pokémon Go. You can download Google Maps for offline use, which will improve the performance of Pokémon Go. To do this, open up the Google Maps app, select the Settings menu (shown by an icon with three horizontal lines) and tap on ‘Offline areas’. Press the ‘+’ icon then use the map to drawn a square of the area you want to download, then tap on ‘Download’.

To do this, open up the Google Maps app, select the Settings menu (shown by an icon with three horizontal lines) and tap on ‘Offline areas’. Press the ‘+’ icon then use the map to drawn a square of the area you want to download, then tap on ‘Download’.

Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and Close background Apps.

Well, you know that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi continuously searching the network to get connect nearby you. By disabling this hardware features will make the phone stop in searching any new networks and safe the battery most.

Running multiple application in the background will surely drain the battery faster as these apps need some Processing speed and it will fulfill by the exhausting the battery of the phone.

Get a battery packfdyqf7870zka20rg6qzx

If you are hunting the Pokémon outside for longer time then this AR feature will surely drain the battery and you will have left with nothing. Getting the best battery pack is the ultimate solution to resolve the battery issue on the handset if you are playing Pokémon Go on the handset.

Make a good choice before purchasing the good battery pack as all are not good check it with amazon.

In the meantime, you can use these tricks to help ensure that you can play for as long as possible. Have you had issues with your battery while playing Pokémon Go? Do you have a battery saving trick that we missed and should know about? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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