Top 10 Best Part Time Jobs For College Students In India

Top 10 Best Part Time Jobs For College Students In India

Who don’t want to earn an extra money in college while studying. Today we will see the real way to make some money in college. Well i know the value of money while studying in college every time whenever i need to go on date with GF. whenever we are planning for night out and for some extra vodka. Pocket money is not enough to meet the requirements of all these. SO we need to do some works or need to find some ways to earn extra cash.
When i was students, i suffered lot and tried many things to earn some extra cash. But due to less option it doesn’t meet it. Nowadays we have lots of option to earn extra cash as rewards for the pocket money.

SO Now see the Top 10 ways to earn money or do Part Time Job For college Going students.

1) Freelance Writer

freelancer writer

This is one of the best Part Job for the students. If you are little interested in writing work then with little efforts you will earn good and great money. Their is many website who pays you for nothing work. Fiverr is one of them (Best Way to Make Money Online With Websites) Along with this Many freelancer website is there with the help of that you can earn good and decent money.

Their is huge demands of freelance writer in IT companies and Website Contents creator and many more.. There are several good sites which offer freelance work for writers online.  http://jobs.problogger.net/ and https://www.upwork.com are two of the reputed sites to look for freelance writing jobs online.

2) Blogging


This is one the most best way to earn money during the College time. You only have to do that little knowledge of SEO and About your niche website on which you will blog. Complete steps You can check it Here (How To Build Niche Website (Tutorial)) This will also help in post college to get some extra income in your salary with little efforts. Blogging also gives you freedom of work and along with Web Blogging now you can also do Youtube blogging which will also gives you to earn decent income.

3) Tutor For Academic Studies


Being an Students it is one of the easy job to do. To teach someone will also make you to learn something new. You can become Tutor. Now a days Online and Offline both tutor available and you can join any one to teach some good students and earn money.

Their is many website where you can earn money with teaching someone from your Home.

4) Affiliate Marketing



Affiliate Marketing is one the best ways to earn some good and extra income, but only things is that its little too hard. Affiliate Marketing is just like commission on sells for the you made on every cust whom you redirect through your link to clients. This requires some little interest and have some depth knowledge whose affiliate one do.  At marketplaces like JVzoo and Clickbank, you can get a product to sell and can earn money in case of commission. Commissions on each product is to be given by the product owners and are good even we’ve seen up to 60, 70%.


5) Retail Job

Retail job

This one may not be too glamorous but it does pay your bills. You can work during evenings, holidays or weekends. You may have to cut on your social life with retail working hours. This jobs easily you will get at any place in India

6) Fitness Instructor


Well If you are fitness freak ! then this Job is totally for you. Earn with your fitness. You can easily get jobs as an Fitness guru or Trainer at any GYM or Fitness park to guide. Well with this You will earn some good cash in returns. This will also not spoil your time as during your fitness time only you can do it.

7) Domestic Call Center



Call center in India is on the boom and If you want to earn some good money then this would be good option for you Join any part time BPO company and earn some hard good money. You can choose a domestic call center to work. It can be done on part time basis. If you have good communication skills in English then you can go for international call center also.

8) Babysitter jobs


Now this is something which can earn you good cash. However, make sure you love kids if you want to take up babysitting or want to become a nanny. Internet is generous enough to offer some websites which help you find some best babysitting jobs near you. If you are girl or lady then this is for you only.

9) Waiter/Waitress


Every time in Big Food chains requirements is going on for the positions of Waiter/Waitress. If you want to earn money and gain some experience in Customer handling then this would be the best job which will help in future too.  College students can take up these jobs on the basis of shift hours. The job may not seem to be that elegant, but it not a bad deal either working for the  Mc. Donalds, Pizza Hut,  Starbucks.

10) Tour Guide

Much more inventive than the average tour guide, Abbie illustrates his talks with photos of the area.

Much more inventive than the average tour guide, Abbie illustrates his talks with photos of the area.


Last but least Tour Guide this is for whom who loves travelling, passionated about the history and wants to see world. Tour Guide is best option for you. The insights given by you is surely going to impress the travelers and this will be great fun for you as well. You know your city very well just start and earn some good cash money here.


Well After seeing above all the 10 points you may have sated you heads to work. For clarification do some research work from you side to see which one is good and what you can do which will help in the Future.

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