Top 10 Best Tips and Tricks For Google Chrome

Well if coming for the Google Chrome then their is lots of Tricks and Tips for Google Chrome. Lets checkout Top 10 Best Tips and Tricks For Google Chrome. You don’t have to install any extensions. List is Big

1. No Internet Play Game

Google Chrome is no. 1 Web browser in today date, It have lots of features and one is more extraordinary is Playing Game. If you don’t have Internet then you can play Game in the Chrome with the help of Space Bar. This is not the Tricks or Tips but its a feature which i like most.Chrome Game

2. Save Web Pages As PDFs

Nowadays almost every web browser have the PDF Viewer. But Google Chrome has a built-in PDF writer. Open any web page, press Ctrl+P on Windows (or Cmd+P on your Mac) and choose “Save as PDF” from the list of available printers to download that page as a PDF file. No extensions required.web_page_PDF

3. Fasten Chrome With Quick Fix

Well If You are using Google Chrome for long hours then it may slow down a bit. You just close the browser and reopen it, It will fix your slow Chrome. Sometime some bad coding extension and extension or application actually causing the problem. For this, open Task Manager and sort out the running processes based on memory usage. Select which are consuming more memory and click on End Process.

4. Find saved passwords

Google Chrome manage your password very sensitively and help you to recover anytime. If you have enable auto-fill your passwords and mark as save password for first time then. You can see your passwords any time It help me alot. To reveal a hidden password, open the Developer Tools, visually select the password field on the page and change the input type from password to text. Alternatively, you may find your saved passwords under chrome://settings/passwordshidden-passwords

5. Viewing The Browsing History:

To View the History in any browser it is easy just go to History page. But we have a more easier access to the recent history in Google Chrome. Just click and hold the back button. This will show you the recent pages and the option to view the whole history.

6. Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Chrome supports all Keyboards shortcut and even you can also assign your own custom shortcuts to launch various extensions and Chrome apps. Type chrome://extensions in the browser’s address bar to open the Extensions page, scroll to the bottom and click the link that says Keyboard Shortcuts.

7. Install Unapproved Chrome Extensions

Well Extensions is Support of any web browser and it make it easy for any browser. But you can install only browser which is verified in store. But in Google Chrome you can install the Unapproved Chrome extensions, you can open the Extensions page of Chrome, turn on the Developer mode and drag-n-drop the extension (the .crx file) into your Chrome. That it!!!.

8. Take Notes Inside Chrome

To turn your good cool chrome in text editor just do this simple tricks it will convert your chrome into Text editor in our browser. For that, just type or copy  “data:text/html,<html contenteditable> ” in the address bar and press enter. Then click on the screen to see the cursor. You can take notes in this screen now.

9. Hide or Change Your Current Location

Some website secretly store your geographic location likes Maps, Facebook and other web site. You have an option not to share this data with the website or you may even Change Your Current Location. Go to Tools -> Developer Tools and press the Esc key to open the console. Here switch to the Emulation tab and enter any value for latitude and longitude.

10. Selectively Delete Your Browsing History

In Google Chrome, in browsing history there is no option to select all websites and clear them at once. You involve in selecting one by one. This does not work out, when you have to delete more. For that, select the first checkbox, hold shift and press the last check box, then remove selected items.

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