Top 10 Important Google URLs That Everyone Must Know

Everyone know What Google do and how much google know about you. Is you know about Google URLs that is very much importance.Checkout here Top 10 Important Google URLs That Everyone Must Know.

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Top 10 Important Google URLs Link

Well everyone aware that Google store everything that you do on Google or Google sign device. Today we will see the Top 10 Google link which secretly store your data and its located deeply inside your Google Dashboard. Even Google store something which you didn’t expected that it have. It will help you to be more aware and more secure.

1. Google Passwords 

Few days back only i came to notice that google saved all my username and password which i typed in my chrome and mobile even 5 yrs back website login credentials. Google even have a website too where you can view all these passwords in plain text.You can check it here passwords.google.com


2. Google Ads

Everyone know Google gives ads on the basis of user search history and details and interests and gender. Under this Google creates a profile based on the interests, Gender,  Age and search history to provides most relevant ads. You can also controls the ads which you like to see here. You can check it here www.google.com/settings/ads


3. Google Legal

Google is giant and its Google responsibility that the user who Google anything must gets best and accurate results. This Google legal mainly for the content writer to protect the content to be copied or anything else. User can also files complain at Google legal to remove any contents which one who think its not appropriate and rest job is google what do with the user. To check this  see the link here support.google.com/legal


4. Google Signup Without Gmail

Is it possible to use the Google accounts without Gmail accounts? most properly your answer will be no, But NO its Yes. You can use the Google account without Gmail too. Google have given a special link to all the user who don’t want Gmail id but want to use the Google accounts. If you signup with this link then you can login in Google accounts with your Gmail accounts. Link is here accounts.google.com/SignUpWithoutGmail


5. Google Account Inactive

According to Google program policies  if any user have not open their accounts for 9 month then may be Accounts will terminated. So if you have multiple accounts then it will surely help you to keep active all accounts. Google will send you the reminder as per schedule to contacts email and phone number check here the link


6. Google Data Tools

You can import all the Google dashboard data from one place. You can download your Google Photos, contacts, Gmail messages and even your YouTube videos. Checkout here the Download link of all the Files associated with Google.


7. Google Maps Timeline

Google Maps Timeline will show you all the maps place where you went with the mobile how fast moving and everything secretly. You can check the link to know more about the Google Maps Timeline


8. Google History

Google records all the search of history made on it and associated accounts. This include Web search, Voice search and Video search.  They keep a log of every Google ad that you have clicked on various websites. Check the link here 

history.google.com (Google searches)
history.google.com/history/audio (Voice searches)
(YouTube searches and watched videos)

9. Device Manager

This is one of the important features for mobile phone user. If your device gets lost them you can track the location, delete the photo, make the ring and many things you can do with the Google Device Manager. You can use the Google Device Manager to find your phone provided it is switched on and connected to the Internet. You can alse search the IMEI no from the Lost mobile.


10. Google Security

This is for the person who think that their Google account is hacked and someone else is using then with this they can checkout that where and who login the account on which platform. It records with I.P. Addresses and the approximate geographic location. Then you can log out from that device. 


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